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Posted on 18th Nov 2012 @ 3:45 AM

When you think of Jamaica, you think of an exotic island getaway. A spirit of enthusiasm entwined with a rich and captivating culture. Most of all you get captivated by the music. Enchanting Reggae music spirals throughout the enviro of Jamaica- bringing its listeners to move to its rhythm. A wide array of places offer this type of ambiance in the island. The docks of Pier One, Montego Bay is the perfect choice for this sort of opportunity. Calm, inviting seas blessed with the joy of sweet Reggae music.

We welcome you to the gateways of Magaritaville and Coral Cliff. Two of the most ideal spots dotted on the winding roads of the Hip Strip in Montego Bay. The melodious tunes of Reggae music can be heard booming through its speakers. It is also combined with the company of real people enjoying themselves also as they bellow the thoughtful lyrics. Alcohol and Society.